Obolidoboli Dinosaur Mascot in the woods

Obolidoboli Dinosaur is a loving Mascot Dinosaur who just adores all human beings, especially the small ones.  Our Mascot Obolidoboli Dinosaur is perfect for children’s birthday parties, weddings, charity events, corporate events, fetes, new openings and much, much more.  Obolidoboli Dinosaur is always very friendly and promises never to bite anyone with his lovely white sharp teeth.  Obolidoboli Dinosaur only has a lot of love to give.

Our Mascot Obolidoboli Dinosaur is a rather large and very fluffy Dinosaur Mascot.  He enjoys eating lots of fruit and vegetables and is a very healthy Dinosaur.

Check out Obolidoboli Dinosaur’s claws which look sharp but have a very nice dash of fuchsia added to them.

Obolidoboli Dinosaur has lots of friends and is adored by all our mascots, including the Princesses.  So far every child that has met our mascot Dinosaur simply enjoys being around him.  Perhaps it is his loveable bulbous eyes…

The most favourite part of Obolidoli Dinosaur’s day is being at children’s birthday parties.  Our mascot dinosaur enjoys dancing and having lots of pictures taken with the birthday child and their birthday party friends.

Don’t forget to give our dinosaur mascot a nice stroke when you see him as he thoroughly enjoys being stroked.

Some children call Obolidoboli Dinosaur…cute

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